General Post


One of the most important applications I use on a daily basis is my to-do app. My app of choice for this is Todoist. Like most people I’ve been around the block on to-do apps. I’ve tried a lot of them from Things to Omnifocus, was good for a while but I’ve settled on Todoist.

There’re a few reasons why this app works for me. The first is the context sensitive input. I like to type “do this tomorrow” and the app will figure out I mean tomorrow and put it in the schedule for me. The filers are very flexible. The app doesn’t come with a ‘Next’ category out of the box so I made one via a filter. This category shows me all tasks currently in the manager separated into projects. This means that each day I can do a quick scan of the tasks and see where I need to be. You can do the usual labelling of tasks then create a filter based on labels. A feature I really like in the new Things app is the concept of today and this evening. To get this in Todoist I’ve created an ‘evening’ label and setup filters to show me which tasks are for today and which are for this evening.

The app is multiplatform which is one of the main reasons I’ve settled and stuck with it. My main machine is a Mac but I often work with Windows based machines and knowing I can access my tasks from the app or any web devices is comforting.

Moving on to projects, there’s a nice a nice feature to colour code your various projects. This helps me group them better and you can also easily nest projects into other projects. This is particularly useful to me as I like to separate my projects into different types. Todoist holds everything I need to think about from work tasks to washing the car so it’s nice to separate things into project ‘buckets’.


Some of the features above are premium features but at £28 a year for the premium plan this is a great price for the time (and mental capacity) this app saves me.