Content Upload


Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Goole & Howdenshire Business Excellence Awards 2019. Here you can find all the information you need for getting your images and/or video to us for use during the presentation.

1 - What we need and why

We want to promote your business as much as possible. During the awards presentation they'll be a short video for each category which explains what the category is about and a little about your business.

We ask that shortlisted companies provide us with a selection of images and/or videos to include as part of this video.

If your business is shortlisted for more than one category you can send us one set of material to use for all shortlisted categories or an individual set for each category.

Please note...

Images and video are needed in the highest resolution possible. If you're unsure of the resolution of your material, send over what you have and we'll come back to you if they're a bit on the small side.

2 - How to get your material to us

If you're sending us images you can simply email them to


Be sure to include the name of your business and the category they relate to.

3- too large to email?

Often, high resolution images or video are too large to email. You can try splitting the emails into individual messages with a smaller number of attached images or video. You can also try zipping the files to make them smaller. You can zip your files by putting all your images or video into one folder, right click this folder and then choose 'Send to" then 'Compressed  (zipped) folder'. If the file is still too large you can use the file transfer system 'we transfer'. 

4 - How to use We Transfer

To use We Transfer go to www.wetransfer.com and choose 'Take me to free'. In the short form simply click the + icon to add your files and email them to the address above.


If you're stuck with any of that please get in touch. We want to showcase the best of your business so we're happy to support you in putting your material together.