my kit

I have spent a lot of time over the last year finding the perfect setup that fits my needs. This page not only provides information on the hardware and software I use but also any services and podcasts that make up my personal and professional life. I completed an interview for 'The Sweet Setup' website which you can find here. Although, this interview was done some time ago and my kit has changed somewhat since then.



The center of my digital life is my Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2017 model. I do like Apple products and whilst I must admit that the lack of ports on this device is very annoying, the Apple platform is still the easiest way to run macOS, Windows and Linux on one device.

key applications

VMWare Fusion - used for virtualisation and lab work

Microsoft Office for Mac - used for documents and other work related things like Outlook

Adobe Creative Cloud - used for my digital design work and other graphics projects

MindNode - used for mind mapping

Todoist - this is my current to do and project management service of choice

Kindle - for reading

GNS3 - for Cisco network virtualisation

XCode - for playing with iOS and macOS development

Microsoft Remote Desktop - for connecting to remote servers at work and on the road


iphone 7

After my Macbook Pro, the iPhone is the most important part of my setup. I use it every day as you would imagine and although I was due for an upgrade as the iPhone 8 and X were released I felt that they didn't offer enough features to justify the additional cost. This may change at the end of this two year contract.

key apps

Todoist - my main to do and project management app

Chrome for iOS - it syncs with my bookmarks that I have on the desktop version

Facebook, twitter and Instagram - all used regularly

Microsoft OneNote - this is my main note taking app

Overcast - for podcasts

Pocket - for saving things

BBC News - for the news

GoogleDrive and Google Photos - for data and photo sync

Notebook Full.png


My MacBook, iPhone and notebook make up my key items of work and productivity. Whilst I use other things, you'll always find me with one or all three of these key items.

It might sound old fashioned to use a note book but nothing beats the portability and ease of scribbling key notes or diagrams in a quality notebook. I can't find any better notebooks than Baron Fig. This New York based company make exceptional products. The confidant A5 dot grid notebook is my tool of choice here.



I usually have one or two books on the go at a time but like to keep up with daily news and events. I'm a subscriber to WIRED magazine and often read BBC News for world news coverage and sites such as, and for technology news and gossip.



My daily commute is only about 30 minutes but in that time I enjoy the following podcasts...

Windows Weekly (TWiT Network)

MacBreak Weekly (TWiT Network)

No Such Thing as a Fish

Mac Power Users

Eureka by Baron Fig

The Infinite Monkey Cage


My podcast app of choice is Overcast.